Top 10 Direct Booking Sites for Beach House Vacation Rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas

Beach Houses Rentals in Surfside Beach Texas

Surfside Beach, Texas is a popular destination for beach lovers looking for a relaxing getaway in a beach house rental. With its spacious sandy beaches and stunning ocean views, it’s no wonder that many travelers choose to book vacation rental beach houses for their stay. In this article, we will compare and rank the top direct booking companies that provide beach house rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas.  Experienced travelers save money and get better service when booking directly, avoiding the national OTA platforms that charge guests extra service fees as high as 26%.

1. Lone Star Casitas

Best for: Location, Families with children, Hot Tubs, Groups under 30 people, Beach Weddings, Prom parties, Last-minute vacations

Lone Star Casitas offers large beachfront beach house vacation rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas.  Each house rental comes with a full-size hot tub and an ocean view from an elevated deck.  Their properties are well-maintained and include premium amenities for a comfortable stay. They have options for large groups and family reunions as well as weddings and prom parties.

All of their beach houses have plenty of room for the who family, with a least 6 bedrooms, most with ensuite bathrooms.  Each home they offer is located on the premium part of the beach, called Pedestrian Beach, where children can play safely without and vehicular traffic.  Deluxe, built-in child safety gates are installed at each stairway. Linens are always included with all beds already nicely made up upon arrival, and professional cleaning is always provided.

All properties have premium whole-home water filtration systems.  Paper supplies (including toilet paper and trash bags) are provided and already in place upon arrival.  Lone Star Casitas offers the best flexibility of dates, as they do not require a minimum night stay and allow check-in and check-out any night of the week.  Although their rentals are premium quality, they are consistently the most affordable for last-minute bookings.

We also notice that all Lone Star properties have a review score above 4.9.  This score demonstrates a reliably positive guest experience.  Owned and managed by a family, this is a true direct booking site.  Therefore, they do not charge a service fee.

2. Surfside Paradise Beach House Rentals

Best for: Golf Cart Included, EV Charger, Pet friendly, Groups less than 8, Budget travelers

One of the most overlooked vacation beach rental gems on the island is Surfside Paradise.  Each of their 6 almost-identical 3 bedroom houses feature a golf cart and an EV charger.  Their beach houses are spread all along the island, so you can always find one near where you want to be.  The homes are managed and owned by a family, so this is a true direct booking site, and they do not charge service fees.

3. Coastal Sisters Charming Rentals

Best for: Couples’ retreat, Groups 2-4, Local experience and advice, Budget travelers

Coastal Sisters manages 24 beach houses in Surfside Beach, and specializes in smaller, 2-4 bedroom vacation rentals.  The operators live on the island and share their experience and advice with their guests, bringing a warm, local touch.  They also have a home with a pool and hot tub available for rent.

4. Blue Water Resort Rentals

Best for: Groups over 30 people, Large Corporate Retreats, Large Church Groups

With over 20 beach house rentals in Surfside Beach, Blue Water Resort Rentals specializes in beach houses for extremely large groups.  We especially like their properties with 10 bedrooms and 180 degree ocean views!  Many of their properties come with 2 refrigerators and 2 dishwashers, with plenty of room in their kitchens for all the cooks.

Guest reviews consistently show that Blue Water Resort Rentals pays close attention to their guest’s needs and reliably provide safe and comfortable vacations.  If you have a large group and can be flexible with check-in and check-out dates, we highly recommend Blue Water Resort Rentals. Renters must furnish their own paper supplies (including toilet paper) trash bags, cleaning supplies and laundry/dish detergents. They charge a small convenience fee (3%).

5. 979 Vacation Rentals

Best for: Dog friendly, Easy online booking, Self Check-in, Budget travelers

979 Vacation rentals manages vacation rental properties in Galveston, Jamaica Beach, Freeport, and Surfside Beach.  Offering a selection of over 40 beach house / condo rentals in Surfside, 979 Vacation Rentals offers a local touch.  Many beach house rentals are offered at less than $100/night depending on the season.  Their website makes it easy to search from properties and book online without have to call or send an online inquiry.  A stay at a 979 is much nicer than a hotel room!

When looking at nightly rates on the site, keep in mind that 979 requires a non-refundable booking fee, a linen fee, and a mandatory damage protection fee, which together amount to about $240 in extra fees.

6. Beach Resort Services

Best for: Pet friendly, Handicap friendly, Wide selection & availability

With over 50 beach house rentals under management, and over three decades of experience, Beach Resort Services offers the widest selection of rentals in Surfside Beach.  As a family-owned business, Beach Resort Services offers a personal touch to your beach vacation.  Many of the properties are pet-friendly, so if you are bringing a dog or cat, we highly recommend inquiring with Beach Resort Services.  They do charge a convenience fee of 10% for each rental.

Many of the 3rd and 4th row beach houses are available at a low nightly cost, and are much more fun than staying in a hotel.  Most of the houses provide linens, and some have water filtration systems.

7. Fade Away Vacations

Best for: Pet friendly, Groups < 10 people

Fade Away Vacations offers four vacation beach houses in Surfside, each one is 3-4 bedrooms, and most are per-friendly.  Their website makes it easy to see when each property is available.  However, we notice that many of these properties are unavailable for long periods of time.  so be sure to check dates before falling in love with a particular house.  There is a small resort fee.

8. Ryson Vacation Rentals

Best for: Easy online booking

Ryson primarily offers properties in Galveston and Jamaica Beach; however, they do rent out three beach houses in Surfside.  These three properties are highly rated and offer views of the ocean.  The Ryson website makes it easy to book online without having to call or submit an inquiry, and travel insurance is even offered during the checkout process.


Best for: Budget travelers manages 17 beach house rentals in the Surfside Beach area, ranging from 1 bedroom up to 9 bedrooms.  This is a more do-it-yourself experience than other rentals.  As a policy, they do not furnish sheets, blankets, towels, paper goods, toilet paper, or soap and cleaning supplies.  Bed linens can be provided for an extra fee.  So, if you are able to bring your own, there is a chance to save some money by booking with

The damage deposit is fully refundable as well.  So in many ways, budget-minded travelers can lower costs by booking here.  Be sure to bring bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags (at a minimum).

10. Texas Snowbird Rentals

Best for: Mid-term stays (over 30 days, less than 6 months)

If you are looking to stay in Surfside beach for longer than 30 days, you are in luck!  Many beach house owners are looking to find snowbirds who plan stay 1-6 months.   Texas Snowbird Rentals is a perfect place to find these wonderful beachside homes for your extended stay.

Options with a service fee above 8%


Best for: Consistent Experience, Easy online booking, Self Check-in

Vacasa manages 30 beach house rentals in Surfside Beach.  Vacasa is a national management company, and as such, brings a more uniform, consistent experience that you can rely on.  Among other benfits, Vacasa offers 24/7 guest care and self check-in.  Vacasa charges a booking fee of about 8%.


Best for: Consistent Experience, Easy online booking

Evolve manages over over 150 beach house rentals in Surfside Beach, a small fraction of their overall portfolio of 30,000+ nationwide.  Evolve is a larger company, and the dominant corporate management rental firm in Surfside Beach.  Although they consistently earn high marks for guest satisfaction, unfortunately, they do charge a booking fee and a mandatory damage protection fee that together total about 25% in extra costs compared to other rental options.  These guest fees are almost as high as Airbnb and VRBO, so we debated whether to include them in this list.  However, they do offer a extremely wide selection of 3 bedroom beach house rentals in the area with premium service bundled in.


When it comes to booking short term rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas, it’s important to choose a direct booking company that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re traveling with a small group, planning a beach wedding, or organizing a corporate retreat, there are companies that specialize in catering to different types of travelers. Consider the recommendations provided in this article and choose the company that best suits your requirements for a memorable stay in Surfside Beach.


What do you think? Share your experience with a Surfside Beach house rental company in the comments!

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