Best Oceanfront Vacation Rentals In Surfside Beach, Texas

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I’ve been renting oceanfront vacation rentals multiple times a year for my family for over ten years. When I was new to renting beach houses, I came across subpar beach houses that affected our ability to enjoy our time together.

Fortunately, there are truly excellent oceanfront vacation rentals in Surfside Beach that offer premium guest service, impressive amenities, and exceptional value.

As an expert in what to look for in beach house rentals, I have prepared a comprehensive guide that examines the top options for beachfront vacation rentals in .

Let’s explore these vacation rentals and help you make an informed decision for a superior oceanfront experience.

Here’s my list of the best oceanfront vacation rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas:

Best Overall

Starfish Swim-up Beachfront vacation rental on the pedestrican beach

Starfish Swim-up

Good: Location, hot tub, safety
Bad: No ramp, no pets

Reviews: 4.95/5
Oceanfront: 5/5
Amenities: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Runner up

Blue Pearl

Pros: Large Beach, Deck views
Cons: Location, amenities

Reviews: 4.55/5
Oceanfront: 4.5/5
Amenities: 3.5/5
✅ Service: 4/5
Value: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

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Best with no beach

Surfside Oasis

Pros: Hot tub, pool, view
Cons: No beach, faces a road

Reviews: 4.55/5
Oceanfront: 4/5
Amenities: 5/5
✅ Service: 4.5/5
Value: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

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1. Starfish Swim-up (Editor’s Choice)

Discover the ultimate beachfront living at “Starfish Swim-up” (formerly known as the “Blue Moon”), a premier oceanfront vacation rental located in the heart of Surfside Beach, Texas. This exquisite property offers unparalleled access to the serene, pedestrian-only beach, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an unforgettable coastal getaway in Texas.

Outdoor Amenities

“Starfish Swim-up” stands out among Surfside Beach Texas vacation rentals for its direct access to a tranquil, car-free stretch of Pedestrian Beach. Enjoy the warm waters and soft sands right at your doorstep. The property features a spacious deck with panoramic 180° views of the Gulf, complete with high-quality Adirondack chairs. The highlight is the 4-6 person hot tub on the upper deck, offering a luxurious spot to unwind with breathtaking oceanfront views.

Indoor Comfort and Style

Inside, this Surfside Beach Texas oceanfront rental boasts six elegantly themed bedrooms, including the Sunset Suite and Cozy Suite, each with king beds and private bathrooms. The Jungle Room and Family Retreat cater to larger groups, while the Teeny Queeny and Bunk Room provide additional cozy accommodations. The house is equipped with modern amenities like smart TVs and a Keurig Duo coffee maker, ensuring a comfortable and connected stay.

Modern Kitchen and Dining

The property’s kitchen is a culinary delight, facing the barstools and dining areas, perfect for social cooking experiences. It’s equipped to cater to up to 20 diners, making it ideal for group meals and entertainment. This feature sets it apart from other vacation rentals in Surfside Beach, Texas, offering a unique blend of convenience and luxury.


“Starfish Swim-up” is not just a vacation rental; it’s a gateway to creating lasting memories on the beautiful shores of Surfside Beach, Texas. With its oceanfront location, luxurious amenities, and thoughtful design, it stands as a top choice for those seeking the best in Surfside Beach Texas vacation rentals oceanfront.

2. Blue Pearl

On the northern side of Surfside Beach, Texas, the “Blue Pearl” (formerly known as the “Boat House”) stands as a beacon of comfort and convenience for those seeking an idyllic oceanfront getaway. This review delves into what makes this property a top choice among Surfside Beach Texas vacation rentals oceanfront, offering an honest perspective on its offerings.

Preferred Location and Accessibility

A picturesque property located directly on the beachfront, the “Blue Pearl” offers access to the sandy shores of Surfside Beach. Its location ensures that guests are only steps away from the ocean, making it an ideal spot for beach lovers and water enthusiasts alike. The property’s unique feature of being connected to sister properties, “Safari” & “Coconut,” via a crosswalk, adds a communal charm, ideal for large gatherings.

Accommodation and Comfort

This expansive home caters to large groups, comfortably accommodating 24 guests across its 6 well-appointed bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The thoughtful layout includes a wheelchair-accessible ramp, ensuring inclusivity for all guests. The property boasts a range of amenities, including a whole-house purified water filtration system, high-speed WiFi, and a fully equipped kitchen, making it a comfortable home away from home.

The Living Experience

Guests have consistently praised the “Blue Pearl” for its spacious decks, offering stunning ocean views and a serene spot to relax. The property’s cleanliness and maintenance, however, have received mixed reviews. While some guests have highlighted the pristine condition of the home, others have pointed out areas needing improvement, such as kitchen cleanliness and appliance maintenance. These concerns, while notable, are balanced by the property’s overall appeal and the owner’s responsiveness to feedback.

Family-Friendly Features

The “Blue Pearl” shines as a family-friendly destination. It offers amenities like pack-n-plays and high chairs, making it a convenient choice for families with young children. The outdoor BBQ pit and picnic area further enhance the family vacation experience, providing a perfect setting for memorable gatherings.

Owner Engagement and Responsiveness

The owner’s commitment to guest satisfaction is evident in their responsive communication. While some guests have faced challenges, the owner’s willingness to address concerns and provide solutions, such as compensating for appliance issues, is commendable.

Why Choose the Blue Pearl

The “Blue Pearl” in Surfside Beach, Texas, stands out as a remarkable option for those seeking oceanfront vacation rentals. Its blend of spacious accommodation, family-friendly amenities, and direct beach access makes it a desirable choice. While it’s important for potential renters to be mindful of the cleanliness and maintenance feedback, the overall experience offered by this property is one of comfort, convenience, and beachfront bliss.

3. Surfside Oasis

In Surfside Beach, Texas, the Surfside Oasis Combo is an excellent choice for a swimming-lover’s oceanfront getaway. This property, a harmonious blend of luxury and homely charm, offers an unparalleled vacation experience, making it a top contender in the realm of Surfside Beach Texas vacation rentals oceanfront.

Accommodations and Comfort

The Surfside Oasis Combo is a testament to thoughtful design and comfort. Housing up to 25 guests across 6 elegantly appointed bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, this property caters to large families and groups without compromising on privacy or space. Each room, from the Primary Bedroom with its majestic king-size bed and beach views to the whimsically themed Kids’ Bunk Room, is tailored to ensure every guest finds their perfect spot.

Unique Features and Amenities

What sets this property apart is its exclusive in-ground swimming pool and heated spa – a rare find among Surfside Beach, Texas vacation rentals oceanfront. The pool area, complete with a swim-up table and loungers, is perfect for both relaxation and social gatherings. The property’s unobstructed views of the ocean, just across the road, allows guests to seamlessly transition between the ocean views and the private pool.

The fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops and a generous breakfast bar is a delight for those who love to cook and entertain. The expansive deck overlooking the Gulf, furnished with picnic tables and deck chairs, offers breathtaking views and is an ideal spot for enjoying meals or simply soaking in the serene beach atmosphere.

Accessibility and Convenience

Surfside Oasis Combo excels in providing convenience at every turn. The presence of an EV charging station, ample parking space, and an outdoor shower and dressing room for post-beach refreshment are thoughtful touches that enhance the overall guest experience. The addition of beach toys, umbrellas, and a charcoal/gas grill underlines the property’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

Guest Experiences

While most reviews rave about the property’s cleanliness, location, and the unique pool, some guests have noted areas for improvement. Issues such as the occasional non-functioning hot tub and minor maintenance needs have been pointed out. However, these are overshadowed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly regarding the property’s stunning beachfront location, spacious layout, and the attentive service provided by Coastal Sisters.

Why Choose the Surfside Oasis

In summary, the Surfside Oasis Combo is a standout choice for those seeking an oceanfront vacation rental in Surfside Beach, Texas. Its blend of luxurious amenities, thoughtful design, and prime beachfront location make it an ideal destination for families and groups looking to create lasting memories. While there is room for minor improvements, the overall experience offered by this property is nothing short of exceptional, ensuring it remains a top choice in the competitive vacation rental market of Surfside Beach.

Daniel Brown